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*Learn Aari Embroidery with well trained trainers. *Courses will be in Tamil language. *Interested persons can easily know it. *Stitches 1.Chain 2.wave 3.curved corner 4.square corner 5.Thilagam 6.square 7.Triangle 8.Round 9.Zigzag 1 10.Zigzag 2 11.creeping 12.single 13.Double 14.Single Filling 15.Double Filling 16.Double colour Filling 17.Cross Load 18.Straight Load 19.Embossed cross Load 20.Embossed Straight Load 21.Double Embossed 22.Sathai 23.Pai 24.Closed 25.Reverse 26.Back 27.Butterfly 28.Blanket 29.Button Hole 1 30.Button Hole 2 31.Button Hole Leaf 32.Feature 33.Loose Chain 34.Pine Apple 35.Blanket Flower 36.Kundan 37.Water Fall 38.Stone chain 39.Chamki 40.Chamki Overlapping 41.Sugar Beads 42.Tube Beads 43.Golden Beads 44.Zigzag Embossed 45.Cut work 1 46.Cut work 2 47.Cut work 3 48.Zarthosi Tube Bead 49.Zarthosi Bead 50.Zarthosi 1 51.Zarthosi 2 52.Zarthosi Embossed 53.Zarthosi Filling 54.Patch work 55.French knot 1 56.French knot 2 57.French knot 3 58.Zarthosi Satin 59.Mirror 60.square Mirror 61.Stem 62.Magic Chain 63.Double Chain 64.Trible Chain 65.Chotti 66.Arrow 67.Fly 68.Diamond 69.Embosed thread mat filling 70.Embosed zarthosi mat filling 71.Zarthosi french knot 72.Zarthosi lasy daisy 73.Embosed zari load 74.Pendant work 75.Coin work 76.Zarthosi stem 77.Double zigzag 78.Fish bone 79.Zarthosi Chain* *How to draw the design and tracing in clothes *How to make the neckline mark in the kameez neck portion and how to do embroidery in that.



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